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Welcome to CameraRepairs.com, where our technicians strive to be the very best in the camera repair industry.

Our technicians have over 43 years experience repairing cameras all the way up to the latest generation of fully digital cameras. Due to the number of digital cameras we see for repair and the unavailability of parts for most older cameras, we are no longer working on any film cameras.

Why repair?

People sometimes wonder, "Should I get this camera repaired or should I buy a new one?"

The question should be, "Am I happy with the performance of this camera up until it broke, or do I really want to learn a whole new system before I can start getting good photos again?".

If you have a piece of photographic equipment that CAN be repaired and you WANT it repaired, don't let that store clerk tell you that you need to replace it. Contact CameraRepairs.com to get an honest opinion!

We don't charge to look at your equipment and give you an appraisal of its repairabliity and the cost of repair. We have heard many horror stories of photographers who buy a new camera after being told that it would cost over $100 to check their original camera out when all it needed was a minor repair.

For a FREE repair quote for your equipment, use our Estimate Request Form  to get the fastest possible response time.

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